President’s Greeting

The goal of our company is to make the best towels for an ideal and quality life. Up to preset, many people like our products. We highly appreciate that you are one of them. We will keep satisfying every customer to offer genuine products with endless improvement and innovation.

Masayuki Sakamoto
Hotman Co., Ltd

Hotman spirit

1.Committed to being the best in Japan
Hotman began life in Ome City, in Tokyo, in 1868, as a silk textiles manufacturer. Over the following 150 years, the company has built up high technical skills and know-how, allowing it today to produce the best quality textile products in Japan, including towels, bath robes, baby clothes and loungewear. These products are sold all over the country, in directly operated stores and department stores.
Hotman is the only towel manufacturer to manage the whole production process in Japan. Every single item we produce is done by experienced Hotman staff. As a result, our products are trusted and enjoyed by customers all over Japan.

2.Committed to cotton quality
Our products are made by using extra long staple cotton, which is in short supply in the world. We use a mix of Indian and Supima cotton, carefully selecting the right product to meet the needs of each product concept we designed. We have also succeeded in developing a unique blend of extra long staple cotton, the Hotman blend, it is designed to be with the most highest quality in absorption, texture, thickness and durability. The products which are made by using the Hotman blend have been given the brand name Hotman Colour, and the current brand line-up includes a wide range of towels and bath robes.
Apart from a very limited number of products, combed yarn is used in our total line-up, with all short fibers removed from the pile yarn. touch of our products are beautifully smooth and silky.

3.Committed to weaving
Hotman began life as a manufacturer of silk textiles.Now we use the technical skills and know-how to weave our towel products.Looms are selected and set up in accordance with the product concept behind each towel.The density of our products are one and half times as high as that of the other manufacturers .This is the secret of the distinct feel of our towels: lightweight yet luxurious, soft, and highly absorbent.

4.Committed to dyeing
At our state-of-the-art dyeing plants, we are able to undertake a wide range of dyeing processes, including reactive dyeing and threne dyeing for high durability, tailored to the requirements of each product. We only use dyes from DyStar, a German company renowned internationally for the safety and quality of its products. The water is also crucial for ensuring quality in the dyeing process. We draw subsoil water from the Chichibu mountain range–also used as drinking water–up from a depth of 100m to use in dyeing processes designed to ensure a high quality and durable completion.

5.Committed to customer safety and peace of mind
Our products are subject to our own strict quality testing and safety inspections in order to ensure our customers can be relieved by using them. Hotman does not use any fabric softeners, fluorescent brightening agents, or chemicals containing chlorine. The fact that we do not use any chemical softeners can make it seem as if the towels are slightly hard to the touch at first, but this is the feel of pure cotton, produced to ensure with safety and peace of mind. Our products are also free from chemical agents, making them perfectly safe to use on sensitive skin and babies.

6.The final word
Hotman is committed to producing and providing the highest quality possible in all of its products and all of its processes, from cotton selection to weaving and dyeing. Our product will become soft after using.The longer you use, the softer it becomes. We hope that you will choose to experience Hotman quality.
We are committed to continuing to produce textile products that are trusted and loved by customers all over the world.